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Q How do I Register?

A The registration process can be completed in five easy steps:

  1. Go to the top-right corner and click on the My Account Icon. Select New Account and you will be redirected to the registration form;
  2. Fill in the Register Form with your personal data and set a password;
  3. Make sure you've read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. You need to agree to them in order to register on our website;
  4. Click Submit and wait for the confirmation email we send you;
  5. Access the link in the confirmation email and enjoy the duty free experience.

Q Where can I find the My Account icon?

A My account icon is displayed in the header, on the top-right corner, next to Ticket ValidationWishlist and Shopping cart icons. If you have trouble finding it, you can access this link and you will be automatically redirected to the registration page.

Q What happens if I don’t receive the confirmation email?

A It usually takes a few minutes for the confirmation email to arrive. If you've been waiting for more than five minutes, you could try checking the Spam folder of your email. It is also indicated that you check the email address in your account, just to make sure it is the right one.

Q Why is my password not accepted?

A The stronger your password is, the better it secures your account. This is why the password you set must contain at least 6 characters.

My Account

Q How do I manage My Account Information

A You can fill in, edit or remove personal data by accessing My Account and clicking on the Account Information tab on the left side of the menu.

Please take note that some of the information you provide is essential for the billing and shipping process, therefore we recommend you handle your personal information with care.

Q How do I change my password?

A You can change your password by accessing My Account and clicking on the Account Information tab. Scroll down to Password, enter your current password once and the new one twice and click on Save data. Don't forget that your password must contain at least 6 characters.

After submitting your new password, you will receive a confirmation email.

Q What are the tabs in My Account?

A There are 6 tabs in My Account section, because we wanted you to have all your account information gathered in one place. Top to bottom, the tabs are:

  • Account Information - here's where you can enter or update basic information such as personal data, password and newsletter subscription.
  • Addresses - you can add or edit your shipping addresses here.
  • Orders - you should be able to keep track of all the orders you make, so we created this special place just for that.
  • Tickets - this is the area where you validate your plane tickets. The Tickets tab also contains the history & status of the tickets you validated.
  • Wishlist - here's where you can store all your favorite items. Keep in mind that the items in your wishlist are not reserved, so you should hurry up and buy 'em if you like 'em.
  • Log out - you can use it to sign off your account and, as a security measurement, we suggest you do so every time you are about to leave our website.

Q What happens if I enter wrong information in my account?

A You can always edit the information in your account, by following the same steps as you did when you first entered it.

We split all required information into tabs, and all tabs into separated areas, to make it easier for you to identify the area you want to operate changes on.

If you're having trouble saving some changes in your account, don't forget you can always reach to us for assistance. We are happy to help.


Q How do I Validate my plane Ticket?

A Validating your ticket is actually an easy process. Here's what you need to do:

Tip: If you have a round trip flight, you can enter the return flight number from the very beginning. This way you won’t have to validate your tickets twice.

  • Own a plane ticket with your name on it.
  • If you haven't already, now is a good time to create an account on our website.
  • You can either go to My account and click on the Tickets tab, or you can go to Ticket validation icon in the header of our website (the one with the plane) and use the shortcut button Validate a ticket to get redirected to the ticket validation form in your account.
  • As you now have an account on our website, your personal data (first name, last name and email address) is already filled in, so you just need to make sure it resembles the one on your plane ticket. You should know that the personal data fields in Ticket Validation form are not editable. Therefore, if the name you used to create your account does not match the one on your plane ticket, you should go to My Account > Account Information and edit your personal information there.
  • Enter your flight number as displayed on your plane ticket. Make sure you type in the flight number without spaces or special characters. We suggest you don’t copy-paste it from your e-ticket. If the number you entered is incorrect, you will receive an error message.
  • If you have a Bestvalue Code, there's no need to enter your flight number. You only have to check this option, type your code and validate.
  • Once the flight number is entered correctly, we will generate another field, where you must enter your PNR. Once again, the PNR needs to be the same as the one on your ticket.
  • After your PNR is validated, you will have to select your flight date, using the calendar icon in the bottom-left corner of the field.
  • Now that all the data is entered, you just push the Validate button and that's it. You can now sit back and enjoy the duty free experience.

We also created a walk-through area on the right side of the validation form, so you will be guided every step throughout the validation process. Please remember we are always here to help, in case you have trouble validating your ticket.

Q Where can I find my flight number?

A The flight number may be displayed on different places on your ticket, depending on the company you chose to fly with.

The flight number may be displayed on different places on your ticket, depending on the company you chose to fly with.

The flight number is typically displayed on your ticket as flight, flight number or airline. Make sure you type in the flight number without spaces or special characters. We suggest you don’t copy-paste it from your e-ticket.

Don't forget you can always contact us if you need help.

Q What is a PNR and where can I find it?

A The PNR (also known as the booking reference, reservation number or confirmation number/ code) is a 6 characters code containing only letters or letters and numbers, usually placed on the right side of the plane ticket, but it might also be displayed somewhere else, depending on the company you chose to fly with. The PNR is also present in the confirmation email, if you bought your ticket online.

It is typically known as the reservation number, confirmation number or confirmation code, but it might also be referred as booking code, booking number or booking reference. Make sure you type in the PNR. You should not copy-paste it from your e-ticket.

Don't forget you can always contact us if you need help.

Q Can I make purchases if I don't validate a plane ticket?

A As our business develops inside airports, it's quite easy to guess that we have a special thing for travelers. We all know that travelling by plane can be exhausting at some point, this is why we created this company to make flying something you rather look forward to, than away from. Therefore, shopping on www.bestvalue.eu is the second best thing you can do with your plane ticket. Or maybe the first, if you consider you can use your ticket before you even fly.

Q When does my ticket become valid?

A It takes less that a second to activate you ticket from the moment you press the Validate button. If all information in the validation form is entered correctly, you will receive a Success message announcing your ticket has been validated. You can start shopping once you see this message.

Q When does my ticket expire?

A Your ticket expires on the day you fly. Therefore, we suggest you validate your plane ticket the moment you buy it. You can use the Ticket Validation icon in the header to see when your ticket will expire. Keep in mind that the sooner you validate, the longer you can enjoy the duty-free experience.

Q How many tickets can I validate?

A There is no restriction on the number of tickets you can validate. As long as all tickets have your name on it, sky is the limit.

Q How will I know if my ticket is still valid?

A You can keep track of your ticket(s) status by accessing My Account ->Tickets -> Tickets History. That's where you can see the PNRsBestValue Codes and statuses of all your validations. You can also see the status of your last validated ticket in the header, by clicking on the Ticket Validation icon.


Q How do I find the Poduct I'm looking for?

A For starters, if you already know what you are looking for, you can use the quick search bar on the top of the webpage. You can use it to type in any key words, such as the name of the product, the type of product or the brand. A list with products containing the key word(s) you entered will drop down and you can select your product from there.

On the other hand, if you're not sure what you're looking for or if you're in search of a gift for a loved one, you can take the opportunity and try out the various facilities we designed for you:

  • Filters - there's a great range of filters meant to help you find products you're interested in, down to the last detail. Depending on the category you choose, you can either sort products by subcategories, gender, brands, price, color, benefits and so on. Every time you apply a filter, the list of products adapts to the characteristics you choose.
  • Product Badges - if you're interested in the new entries, special offers, airport exclusive or online exclusive products, you should know there's a special badge for each of these products, built to help you spot the specific category from far away.
  • Product Detail page - every product has a personalized description, made to cover all details you might want to know about that specific item. So, if you're having trouble choosing between products, take the time and read the product information. We must warn you, though: our descriptions can be very persuasive.
  • Recommended products - this is a very useful feature, where we display a range of our best sellers and most notorious brands.

Last, but not least, don't forget we have a team specialized in customer support, who can help you choose the right item. There's one thing we guarantee you: there's no way you will leave our website empty-handed.


Q How do I Purchase?

A Access the product page of every item you want to buy and click on the Add to bag button on the page. Once you decided over the product(s) you want to buy, click on the Bag icon in the top-right corner of the website.

Step One: You will be presented with an overview of your shopping bag. You can edit your shopping bag from there (increase/decrease quantities or remove products from bag).

Step Two: Remember that you need to validate a plane ticket in order to make purchases. If you haven't yet, you will now have the opportunity to do it. The Ticket Validation Form will be displayed in step two. After you validate, you will be able to continue with the checkout process. However, if you have already validated your ticket before checkout, you will pass directly to the next step.

Step three: Here's where you can select or edit the shipping address you want to receive your order at.

Step four: As a next step you need to choose the payment method that suits you the most. If you decide to pay by credit card you will be redirected to our partners' payment platform, who will ensure a secure payment. If you decide on Cash on Delivery, you will pay for your order when the courier agent hands you the package. Once you chose the payment method, you can move on to the next step.

Step Five: This is the last step in placing your order. Once again you get an overview on the order you are about to place: the products you want to buy, the billing & shipping addresses you selected, the payment method you chose and the final price of your order. You just need to check if all information is correct and push Place Order. Don't forget to agree to our Terms & Conditions before placing the order.

After your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email containing all details regarding your order.


Q When will I receive my Order?

A It usually takes between 1 and 3 working days for an order to be processed and delivered. The delivery may be delayed by one or two days in some isolated cases, such as: bad weather conditions, holiday seasons, unexpected technical issues etc. However, these cases are extremely rare and we will notify you if they occur.

You can check the status of your order by accessing My Account ->Orders, as we update the order status every time something changes. Once your order is handed to the courier company, you will be provided with your parcel number and a link where you can track your order until delivery. Please remember we are also here to give you any information you want.

Q How can I cancel an order?

A Before cancelling an order, you must know that we do our best to process the orders as quickly as we can, so you can receive them in the shortest time.

Therefore, you have utmost 24 hours to decide whether you want the order or not after you placed it. After those 24 hours there's a big chance we already shipped your order.

That being said, if you want to cancel an order you can contact us by phone, email, live support or by filling in the contact form, and ask for your order to be canceled. As soon as we process your request, we will cancel your order and send you a confirmation email.

If you want to cancel an order that has already been shipped, you can turn it down when the courier agent contacts you for delivery.

Q Can you merge my orders?

A We do our best to process the orders as quickly as we can, so you can receive them in the shortest time. This is why we can't merge orders, as there's a big chance that the first order you placed is already being prepared for delivery. But don't worry. We deliver for Free, so you won't have to pay for any of the deliveries, regardless of how many orders you are yet to receive.

Q How can I make changes on my order?

A If you want to change something about your order - such as modify billing or shipping address, your phone number or maybe remove items from order - feel free to contact us and we will operate the changes you requested in the shortest time. But you should know that we can’t add any items in an already placed order. If you want to purchase another product, it is necessary to place a new order.


Q What do I need to know about Shipment & Returns?

A There are several things we think you might want to know about shipping:

  • We only ship in Romania.
  • We only ship by courier. Unless, of course, you choose to pick up your order from the airport, the day you fly.
  • If you choose to pick up your order from the airport, you must be aware that, depending on the items you ordered and the destination you're heading to, some Custom Restrictions may apply. Make sure you've read all about them before you make the purchase. Also, if you choose to pick up your order from the airport, you must pay for it in advance, by credit card (online payment).
  • We don't charge you for the shipping. Yes, Free transportation.
  • We will deliver your order between 1 and 3 working days. The delivery may be delayed by one or two days in some isolated cases, such as: bad weather conditions, holiday seasons, unexpected technical issues etc. However, these cases are extremely rare and we will notify you if they occur.
  • When it comes to returning an item, the first thing you need to do is to let us know you're sending an item back to us. That way, we can process your return quicker and pay you back faster. Make sure you return the item within maximum 14 days from the day it was delivered to you.
  • Next, please see that the product you want to return is in the same condition as it was when you received it: in its original wrapping, with all labels, tags and/ or documents attached. Some of the products (such as perfumes, spirits or sweets) can't be returned if they have been unsealed.
  • Now that your product has been packed & ready for returning, all you need to do is ship it back to us. You can return it by any courier agency, at your choosing. We will reimburse you within maximum 14 day from the day your product reaches our warehouse.

You can find all details regarding shipments & returns by accessing this page: - Shipment & Returns

Q Who pays for my return?

A The transportation fee for returns is paid by the customer.

Q How do I get my money back in case I return a product?

A We pay you back for the item(s) you return in maximum 14 days from the day your return reaches our warehouse. All you need to do is provide us with a bank account number (IBAN) and we will make the transfer. Don't forget to also mention the name of the bank account's owner.

Q How can I contact you to announce my return?

A There are several options you can use to get in contact with our Customer Care representatives:

  • by Phone - you can choose if you want to call us or let us call you;
  • by Live Support - use the specific tab in the Help Modal in header and start a real-time conversation with one of our representatives;
  • by Email - you can write to us at: [email protected]
  • by filling in the Contact Form - also present in the Help Modal in header. We will answer to your request as soon as possible.

Q What happens if I receive a damaged product?

A If, by any unfortunate accident, you receive a damaged product from us, please contact us immediately and we will take all necessary measures to solve the problem in the shortest time.


Q Do you offer any Warranty for the products you sell?

A All products commercialized by www.bestvalue.eu are guaranteed, some of them up to 2 years, depending on the type of product.

You can learn all there is to know about product warranty by accessing the following link